Open Mic

 We are happy to announce The Open Mic session in Amsterdam. The Open Mic will be organized and hosted by Andrew Darbyshire and Kees Boeijen.
Andrew (Darby) has organized and hosted the Open Mic sessions at the previous Events, and Kees volunteered to help him in Amsterdam.

Anyone of the Event participants who'd like to perform some of Leonard's songs, poetry or other kind of performance in Amsterdam, please email Andrew and Kees expressing your interest.

The Open Mic session will take place on the Saturday afternoon, with sound check possibilities in the morning. 
Bring your guitar or whatever instrument you play. 

Please email Andrew and Kees expressing your interest to perform at the Open Mic, the email address is:

The information required from performers is:

- the name of the performer/s;
- the name of the piece/s being performed;
- the language of the performance (if not in English);
- the approximate length of the piece/s; 
- any special requirements;
- a contact mobile/cell phone number.